Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Earthquakes in One Place After Another

For any stuffshawndid readers out there who know nothing of the stuff I did since writing my last blog entry, I suggest you take a seat, preferably in a restful, pastoral setting. So for you, my dear hypothetical and imaginary avid stuffshawndid reader who knows nothing of my life since leaving Korea in the fall of 2010, I give you these major highlights.

-Visited my hometown

-Visited a member-of-the-opposite-sex in the United State of Tennessee

-Did an around-the-Midwest tour visiting old friends

-Spent more time in hometown and was visited there by said member-of-the-opposite-sex

-Married said member-of-the-opposite-sex on top of a mountain in North Carolina

- Member-of-the-opposite-sex, now wife, and I traveled to Costa Rica for honeymoon

-Next, the member-of-the-opposite-sex who now accompanies me places, and I traveled by bus to Nicaragua

The member-of-the-opposite-sex and I are now house-sitting for friends somewhere between Managua and Masaya, Nicaragua.  If you want to stop by, we are on the Calle Ceda Managua, Kilometre Dies y Nueve punto Dos, by the white Eskimo wall, “Una Irrestible Tentacion!”

Our friends will soon be arriving back in the county, once again leaving me and the member-of-the-opposite-sex, as I have often found myself recently, homeless.

Where will we go? We surely do not know… (cliffhanger!)*

 *I know you are on the edge of your seat, my self-importance tells me so.**

** Written by member-of-the-opposite-sex (with love)