Monday, May 15, 2006

stuff I haven't yet done

One month in California (July 2006), plus a week of driving to and fro from the Midwest.

I will hike in the Sierra, drink sweet delicious booze in wine country, and surf (for my first time) in LA; at least, that's the current plan. I'm attempting to do most of this on a limited budget; camping, sleeping in my car, whatever it takes.

For most of the trip I will be unaccompanied, or briefly joining resident hikers and surfers that I have yet to meet. I will be hooking up with my buddy Wade (there is no Y in Wade), for a week half-way through the trip, where he will join me to peak some mountains and visit some wineries (he's flying into San Fran from MN). There's also the possibility that I will be joining friends of friends, in Napa.

I leave from Minneapolis MN in 6 weeks (end of June), and need to accomplish at least a couple of things in that time.

  • Help to finish a rather large project at work

  • Buy a reasonably reliable vehicle for the trip and life beyond (Mr. Tibbs is questionable)

So begins the first leg of my adventure.

Stay tuned-