Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Flounder in Northtown

Sorry for the delay, certain dealings have had my attention as of late, time for catch up. So let us tarry no more!

Some of my time, since leaving my northern home, has been spent in North Kansas City, aka Northtown. This is the place to which I have affectionately referred to as the shire, where the townsfolk rarely venture past the borders. The rest of Kansas City, much less the rest of the world, is a strange mysterious place of which only a vague knowledge is possessed, and aspirations to venture beyond the borders are looked upon with unfavorable suspicion.

Northtown is not to be confused with a northern town such as my previous home. Neither is it to be assumed that Northtown, aka North Kansas City, is simply north of Kansas City. It is north and south of Kansas City. So that if one travels north from downtown Kansas City he or she will soon traverse into North Kansas City as anticipated, but will then soon find himself of herself, if continuing northward, right back in Kansas City. This part of Kansas City, to the north, is referred to as Kansas City North and not to be confused with North Kansas City, aka Northtown.

“So is North Kansas City in the state of Kansas?”

No. It’s in Missouri.

“Oh, I see. Kansas City is in Kansas and North Kansas City is in Missouri.”

No, you are again incorrect. They are both in Missouri.

“So is there a Kansas City, Kansas?”

Yes, but to be clear, it is not where downtown is located, and Kansas Citians often choose not to acknowledge Kansas City, Kansas.

“But I know someone who is from Kansas City, and they refer to their home as Kansas? What’s up with that?” This likely means they live in the suburbs on the Kansas side. We shall try to forgive them of both sins, severity notwithstanding.

I do not fully comprehend these oddities regarding the place of my birth, and am now inclined to blindly accept them, eschewing all such discussion except for blogging purposes.

With such concerns pushed aside, I was then left with the question about the stuff Shawn has yet to do. So, floundering was thus foregone for studying and teaching yet elsewhere for a time [note the use of gerunds].

“But what, Shawn, did you study? What did you teach? And where did you engage in said activities?”

Ah! Still curious I see. Stay tuned, in a matter of days, or perhaps a day! For…

…The CELTA in New York