Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh Gwangju, how I loved-ju: Preamble

I leave Gwangju, South Korea, where I have lived for the last two years, in about 10 hours. Hence the brief preamble. A preamble to what, you ask?

The following post(s) may or may not include the following from my final week, so don't hold me to anything::

-Bus 95
-Schools, Kids, and Teachers
-Joel 'n' Azure
-The Gwangju English Congregation
-No.1 and the Mokpo Crew
-The birth of the Southern Euphrosyn Musicological Society

Please await the first installment once I set my feet back in the western hemisphere.

Oh yes! I should include my U.S. Tour schedule, it is as follows-

Oct 31 - Nov 9: Kansas City
Nov 10 - Nov 18: Tennessee
Nov 19 - Nov 21: Cincinnati
Nov 22 - Nov 25: Indiana
Nov 26 - Nov 28: Chicago
Nov 29 - Dec 11: Minnesota
Dec 12 - Dec 20: Kansas City


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