Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Brief Stay in Seoul

After returning from Hong Kong, I taught in Gwangju for a week of English camp (not normal school) and tended to other domestic affairs. I had planned a trip to Seoul of a generous week but this was methodically carved down to 4-5 days by those horrible, awful, despicable things we call obligations.

Though having come to the Great City on 3-4 prior occasions I have never done a blog entry about it because it just deserves more than any short trip can really give. Once again, it seems that my stay will be too short to leave me with any perspective on this monster.

This morning I woke up in the apartment of my host who provided information on where a western style brunch can be found. this is first on the docket to be followed by a trip to the U.S. Embassy to replace a lost passport (yes, I lost it as soon as I returned from Hong Kong) and seeing the National Museum of Contemporary Art. I am also hoping to hear some rock and/or roll while in town.

p.s. Spring seems to be here in Korea!


Anonymous kady said...

If I lost my passport I would be seriously sad. All those stamps!

Did Summer tell you about how she threw hers in my garbage can and I had to mail it to her in Vermont, so of course she couldn't drive through Canada on her way home...but didn't know all of that until it was too late?

3:33 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

She did tell me about throwing away her passport sandwich. I didn't fully realize that it was in your trash and therefore was retrievable.

On that note: after reading your comment today I mentally backtracked once more and decided to have a Korean speaking friend (Bill) call the airport for me as that was the last time I know for sure I had it. Sure enough, it's in their lost and found!

1:15 AM  

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