Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A brief conversation with Ms. Chang

Me: One word of criticism?

Sarah: Yes, please.

Me: I applaud you for programming new works (pause for emphasis), but it's -not- a great piece (referring to the one contemporary work of the evening).

Sarah: Ha! Well at least it's short enough.

Me: know what I mean.

There were adoring teen-Asian girls standing behind me waiting for their autograph. I was trying to be as polite as possible and I wasn't ready for her, what seemed to be, rehearsed reply.

I'm not sure she did know what I mean. Yes, yes, it was short. But! If she is going to program a new work then she should make it worth her while - make it worth our while. Why do mere filler in between the dead relics? (The relics now so beyond polishing regardless of how many bow hairs one breaks!?)

Calling it filler is actually friendly. Many of you will know that I have a wide palate of tastes so I am not judging the style. Most first year comp students from any miscellaneous university could have composed something just as, if not much more, competent. I know, I was one.

I was really looking forward to hearing a new bona fide piece of music. It just nearly ruined the entire evening for me. I channeled the anger into some new lyrics. I wandered the casino lit streets of Macau writing until 1:30am when I found myself lost on the cobblestone, curvy, residential, streets.

One of my old composition professors says that he is 10% inspired by good music and 90% inspired by bad music. Amen.

I believe the song title will be 'Unlike the Lights of Macau' and it will be about the death of classical music.

Stay tuned!

p.s. the weather is perfect.


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