Monday, January 11, 2010

An Anticipated Problem with Upcoming Travels

"What problem?!", you plead in your wide-eyed, manic, feverish, bewilderment.

"Still your lil' heart, and read on", I reply with disgusting, patronizing, smugness, and in an oddly convincing southern belle like voice.

The problem is not where to go (Hong Kong & Macau) nor what to do (art galleries, concerts, things of a snobbish variety). Actually, for the first time ever I am planning an itinerary. Though there are still some gaps I believe these will fill themselves in. Nor is the problem where to stay as there is ample cheap hostel-like accommodations in both of these former, and according to the wisdom o' wikipedia might as well still be, city-states.

The problem, my loyal fans, is the high possibility that I will have a lack of significant pun opportunities.. This is a solo trip, so there will be no other native English speakers with me so as to help in the pun generation process. Also, the things I will be doing will likely be rather devoid of humor in themselves and therefore unlikely to inspire said punnery. You could say that the cir-pun-stances do not look good.

Hmmm, let us brainstorm...and remember, there is no judgement in brainstorming:

I will be hearing the Korean-American violinist Sarah Chang, or who is known to Koreans as 장영주 (Jahng Yuhng-Joo) in Macau. Perhaps I could say to myself, while walking away, "That didn't sound like Yiddish fiddle to me." (No judgements in brainstorming!)

Ummm...I am going to hear a Cantonese opera near the end of my trip. Perhaps in a dramatic, sappy, moment, if there is such a thing in a Cantonese opera, I can think to myself, "Cantonese? More like Cantoncheese!"

Ok, ok...if I am offered drugs on the streets of Hong Kong (as I was in Seattle for those of you 'stuff Shawn did' history buffs) I can say something like, "Oh come on guys, what do you think this is, Hong BONG?"

Ok, that's the best I've got, please help a brother out!


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