Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shawn and the Mysterious Case of the Light Bulb that Popped Out of the Threaded Part that Held It into the Bathroom Light Fixture and Now Must Somehow be Removed

Shawn is not a man unacquainted with difficulties of an unusual nature. Past difficulties being in part, though certainly not in their entirety: a dry cleaner's disappearance while in possession of some clothes that Shawn most fancied, an unfindable motorist who collided into Shawn's parked automobile on the eve of a cross country relocation, and a vanished Saxophone.

Now living in a foreign land, he has found that such issues were not left on his native continent but instead have only been exacerbated by a language barrier, sometimes seemingly insurmountable, and the overall unfamiliarity that comes along with residing outside of ones origins.

While in brief repose one evening within his modest dwellings of the Orient, Shawn peripherally saw a flash accompanied by a loud 'pop!' from the direction of his personal privy. Thinking nothing of it, other than it being an oddly dramatic death of a light bulb, Shawn retired to his bed. The next morning as he went to perform the ritual daily bathing, he was reminded of the prior night's happening.

Upon inspection Shawn was bewildered by what was seen.

To (doubtfully) be continued...


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