Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Come on Ho Chi Minh, let Saigons be Saigons. And Phnom(onal) Penh, Cambodia

(Please forgive the premature post)

There is more than the obvious pun there, really (which I must credit to Joel). Whoever gets the additional pun gets bonus points! We, by complete circumstance, ended up spending our first night in Saigon during the lunar new year's festivities. It was insane in the membrane. Saigon wins the number of Vespas award (and I use the term Vespa like we use 'Coke' or 'Kleenex').

Notable highlights of Saigon:
-The Bubble Tea (an Asian delicacy that perhaps some of you western folks 'taint privy to)
-My day with the girls at the spa, including the hot stone massage by the hot lil' Vietnamese girls
-Any street food you want for 5000 Dongs, take what though wilt!
-The vendors in Southern Vietnam do not try to charge a special foreigner price, though this was part of the fun of Hanoi for me, the challenge of the haggle.

We are now in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We toured the National Museum and the Royal Palace. Azure and I jammed some with the Cambodian percussion ensemble within the Palace grounds. It was epic.

Now! Onto Ankor Wat where I am hoping to ride an elephant!


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