Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My First Kyopo Friend

Oh Mr. Tibbs! the Tibby! Monsieur Teebs! el Tiburrrron (with extra rolled-r)!

In the beginning you were just a reminder of my past life and were never meant to come this far. But as the Great West was being seen alongside you, it was clear that we were to be together for the remainder of the North American residence.

And now, someone just got a deal because I didn’t want to haggle. Perhaps I wanted the pain of the departure to be a quick tear of the band-aid. I know that you may feel undervalued but the sale was only after you received the spa treatment not given to you since Malibu.

Yes, yes, I know there was that one time, let’s not discuss it. And there were some regrettable moments of flat tires and an encounter with a hit-and-run Iowaegian truckster, but I do not factor this into your true value as a person. I mean, as a person-car. Ok, so just a car, fine.

True, there were other Kyopos pushing me towards this destination, and yes they are actual Kyopo-people, but you were the first. There long before anything of the sort was a consideration.

And so this is the end of our journey together, you have now driven away with your new owner and I leave for your homeland Thursday morning.

Farewell Mr. Tibbs

(To be specific, it’s the city of Gwanju - alternatively Romanized Kwanju.)


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