Monday, April 14, 2008

Flash forward: The Move and surrounding events

Do forgive my delay in posting on both sides of the southward move, dear friends.

Woe, not to Monsieur Tibbs! But to the conscience burdened, Iowaegian scallywags, in their red pickemup bludgeoned in the portside bow; who so rudely, the day before my departure, violently hammered our friend, twice even, without so much as a proper introduction. But alas, witnesses were present! Justice? We have yet to know the conclusion in this small struggle betwixt good and evil.

One who attempts to partake of a vessel half-full finds himself challenged when fate deals such a blow, to a good and loyal friend, at such times. Especially when an inconvenient stomach flu has thus hindered the boxing of belongings but a couple of days prior.

Pessimism was denied though by four-and-a-half companions who, impressively packed a truck in the midst of my less than adequate preparations, offered the most congenial moral support, and scrubbed my apartment more completely than I ever could have; resulting in a, hitherto unprecedented, complete restoration of deposit.

My northern friends, all of you, the realization of your absence is now descending upon me.

So the show must go on; not in spite of the bumps, bruises, and any missing limbs; but especially because of them. Oh Tibby, how you’ve exceeded the Pequod in the past and I have little doubt, even if it should mean your eventual submission to a noble sacrifice, that you will help me alight upon the Greater White Whale, the Greater California, the Greater Mount Whitney.

While moving forward, the past must be properly grieved as promised, the retrospective will commence shortly.


Blogger Summer Grimes said...

I like to imagine I just did this with my swedish clogs... and am hobbling off sort of sideways... perhaps in retaliation of your move???

8:43 PM  

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