Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Those border crossing guards sure were interested in my trip

It was flattering!

Them: So, you've driven all the way from Minnesota to spend a day or two in Vancouver?

Me: Well, not directly; via Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, and of course Washington...

Them: To spend a day or two in Vancouver?

Me: No...I'm on a big road trip.

Them: So what did you do in all those states?

You can see how I was taken with their interest! They asked me to recount the trip three different times. The fun part, we'll call it, was "name that date". Fortunately I had Wade's departure of Sep 3 fixed in my mind as a landmark. So inquisitive they were, they searched through Mr. Tibbs before chastising me for my lack of Birth Certificate and/or Passport. In the end though, they were quite efficient and kindly let me through.

Oh, the funniest, standing at The Tibby-

Them: Have you sir, any drugs in the car.

Me: No.

Them: Have you ever used drugs, sir?

Me: No.

Them: Have you ever tried drugs, sir?

Me: No.

Them: Really? You've never tried drugs?

Me: Ummmm, seriously, I'm totally clean.

Them: That's not what I asked you sir! Have you ever tried drugs!?

Me: No!

Them: Really!?

Me: [blank stare]

So here I am, close to downtown Vancouver. The city, ocean, and mountains all in close proximity. Oh, to have it all. It's gorgeous here and I wish I had more time, but I do have to go back to MN someday and start saving up more vacation time. I'm going to do the short hike (and maybe little Gondola ride) on Grouse Mountain. Or as the locals call it, the Grouse Grind. It's sunny now and looking as though I might have a clear view from the summit this afternoon. I'll probably have a late lunch/early dinner on Granville Island (one of the touristy hotspots) before heading back to the states and briefly seeing Seattle, before trekking back to MN through Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota (or as some have called it, Baja Manitoba).

How did I get here? Wow, thanks for asking, you're nearly as inquisitive as the crossing guards. After hanging with a friend (Steve Weber) who was coincidentally in San Jose on a business trip from MN, I came up highway 1 in CA, camped and hung out for a night and morning in the pleasantly funky little town of Eureka. Continued up the coast into Oregon, nice rocky shores and talked to some who said they spotted a couple whales. Camped about mid-state. Cut inland to Portland, had lunch and walked around town. Breezed though Seattle, which I'll get a better view of on the flip-flop, up to here.

Edit: Almost forgot - After leaving Malibu (which was difficult, I felt most at home there as anywhere on this trip), I went to hang out in West Hollywood, Hollywood (not quite as edgy as I expected), and Beverly Hills [that's where I want to be] (not really, that's a quote for those who aren't familiar with the reference).

I realize that I am not giving the Northwest its due, that's another trip, so many places...

Have I accepted the fact that I have to go back to my midwestern life? I'm working on it. Some told me that by the third or fourth week I would be ready to come home, that didn't happen. I do think that I've been gone long enough that life will have a restored freshness about it. My apartment, the cube, my MN friends and related activities, all have a nice foreign feeling to them.

Even the first two weeks of the vacation feel like a long time ago, it's cool. I've spent some quiet time just recounting the events while next to the campfire and in coffee shops.

I'll give an update once I get back to Mpls, and maybe have a link to an online photo album.

See some of you soon, and some of you a little later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breathtaking!! I visited the Northwest, including Vancouver about 14 years ago. Definitely beats the scenery in Indiana or the rest of the midwest for that matter.

Shawn, why stop now? There is a vast array of northern country that awaits you! Tell us all about Alaska and northern Canada. If you had your passport, you could attemt to take tibbs on a ferry to Russia!(uhmmm, maybe not)

It`s all calling your name. Go Shawn, go! Don`t look back!

1:05 PM  

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