Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First day standing!

After a couple of days of floundering by myself with the board out in the waves, I decided to take a lesson. The instructor, Mike (he's totally awesome, and I'd recommend him to anyone who's learning to surf in Malibu), had me standing and riding the wave in no time.

The water is best in the morning, nice a smooth with moderate and consistant waves. It's been crystal clear, if you watch you'll get a view of a seal or some dolphins. The surfers say that the seals will come right up next to you to say howdy when you're waiting for that next righteous wave.

Malibu isn't really even a suburb of LA, it feels like a small coastal town with two demographics. The very rich and the surf bums.

Interesting fyi for some: The congregation here is small, 30! And there isn't a spanish speaking congregation in Malibu (though there is in towns nearby). They have a large territory and a need for the bros. Who woulda thunk it? That one could go to Malibu to serve where there's a need? hmmmm...

Hanging out with a cool guy I met last night, Jake, at the local congregation. Playing basketball with him and a buddy now, we'll see how I do after a few hours of surfing. Met plenty of very laid back, and fun, folks here.

I'll be hitting the waves through the weekend, before my final week of western exploration. Not sure exactly on my route of return to MN, or how long I'll take. I'm planning on going north before heading east. How far north? we'll see.


Anonymous corla said...

Ahh, living the dream . . .time to plan the next one! You may want to swing by the Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Area in southern Utah. With a special area that only 10 people are allowed in to see "The Wave" area per day. It's a sculpture gallery of impossibly twisted sandstone and iron deposits in pastel swirls of red, yellow and pink. The exact location is so closely guarded that rangers swear visitors to secrecy after each visit. So from the waves off CA, to "The Wave" in Utah? This will have to be part of a future dream, as reservations are booked more than 6 months out. Something to think about on your drive back home!

4:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who woulda thunk it? I think that would be a dream for a single guy! Move to Malibu, serve where the need is greater.....that would be awesome! Just one thing........did you happen to pay any attention to the housing market? I would hate to see the what the cost of living is there. OUCH!!

1:49 PM  

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