Thursday, August 17, 2006

Technology Sucks

Just in case you're checking my blog, I am having technical difficulties, what with the uploading of pictures and such.

Short update: Having awesome time, in Vegas now and I summited the highest peak in AZ yesterday. Heading for Lone Pine CA tomorrow, going across Death Valley, so I will hopefully get an early start so as not to be there in the afternoon.

Mr Tibbs? Running great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You're almost at the edge of the continent and you and Mr. Tibbs are still alive!

Could you please expand on your photo journalism. We hunger for the visuals.

Sleeping in the car?
Eating out?
Eating in the car?
Do these things have a lesson in themselves?

Marlene D. is loving the pio school. Edina served lunch today from Italian to Korean dishes.

Take care of yourself,

7:32 PM  
Anonymous corla said...

Ok, missing something. Some of us do not know the story behind the "Mr. Tibbs". Name explain please.

Garin had skin graft surgery Friday. Seems ok at this point. Wade to visit on MC Sunday.

Death Valley stories?

8:05 AM  

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